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Matching printed trousers

In spite of what many believe, printed trousers are easy to match with other garments and accessories, to obtain a really elegant effect.

First of all printed trousers will match very well any plain top in white or any other colour; add high heels, a chic bag and a nice necklace for a real glamour look.

Tone on Tone

You can create a lot of looks matching your printed trousers to a top in the same colour as the base colour of your trousers. For instance with black you can obtain a really charming effect for an evening outfit: wear a pair of cigarette trousers with floral prints on a black base, add a black blouse and you will be chic and stylish.
Equally, you could try and match one of the nuances of your trousers (instead of the base colour) for the same effect.


You can play with contrasts but you should never be too extreme: choose delicate colours and just use your fantasy to create many daytime outfits suitable for all daily life situations from work to leisure.

If you want to wear printed palazzo trousers, you should use heels to add further height to your figure, while your top should be slim in order to create contrasts of volumes.

Prints on prints?

If you feel like being provocative, you could try matching printed trousers with a printed top, but don’t be too extreme: choose motifs with the same tone of colours or – if you really want contrast – try to have the same colour or shade in your trousers and top.