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LP creations from design to end customer.


We are going to take you on a journey from the birth of the ideas which will produce our collections, until our products are bought by the end customer, starting from our Product Development department at our Castelfiorentino plant, where designers Giulia, Alessandra and Manuela are always busy transforming ideas into colours and styles.


LP product development


Product Development is the first link in a chain which brings out garments into the wardrobe of women all over the world. Much of the outcome of a season is determined here: the choice of fabrics and styles is by far the most important contributor to the success of a collection and, ultimately, the rason why we get  orders fom our distributors and private clients.


LP product development


LP product development


As son as a season ends, Alessandra, Giulia and Manuela start working on the next one,to understand trends and tastes and, generally trying to be ahead of the game.

an idea can come from anything: watching Nature, browsing through the pages of a magazine, looking at the colours and clothes of the season. The more we see, the more ideas we get; then we compare each other’s ideas, we choose carefully and we begin to design.”

fabrics, motifs, accessories, embroidery, styles…..nothing is left to chance and everything is planned and executed to the last detail so that every garment may result perfect.

Pattern grading. Pattern grading is the process of creating a range of sizes for a single style. It is a crucial stage in the economy of the production cycle and can be connected to automatic cutting.


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Automatic cutting. this is a very sophisticated process during which a tool called “cutter” follows the computer’s instructions to perform a number of operations aimed at keeping the quality of the cut constant with optimum blade inclination and pressure. Automatic cut systems can be connected with automatic trolleys for cloth spreading.


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Sewing. The basic sewing techniques have remained essentially unchanged with time and are still based on using thread and needle with the sewing machine still being the main tool. The sewing machine was invented in the mid-nineteenth century and has been improved in terms of speed and accuracy but has resisted attempts to introduce elevated standards of technology.


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Warehouse and logistics. In any company warehousing and logistic operations are interrelated: most operations relating to the logistic cycle happen in the warehouse, like warehouse mapping, product location and stock management. Logistic is the function which allows our products to leave our warehouse and be found all over the world exactly where and when our clients want to buy them.

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