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How to match Palazzo trousers


Palazzo trousers have made a real comeback and it is easy to see the reasons for this: they are comfortable, cool and elegant either in plain colours or with floral and geometric prints. On top of this, they suit every woman and many different occasions, provided they are matched with the right top, shoes and accessories.

Let’s see a few of the many possible ideas to match your palazzo trousers for the most stunning effect.

For a smart-formal look to wear to the office, match your pair of palazzo trousers in a plain colour with a blouse or a man’s shirt and high décolletés shoes.

If you are looking for that chic-glamour look by day, wear a pair of palazzo trousers with a corset or a fitted tank top and pick accessories with strass or shiny elements; for the evening, instead, match your palazzo trousers with a long-sleeved blouse.

Finally, if you want that casual look, you could wear a pair of pastel palazzo trousers with a flowery crop top, or do the opposite and match a plain top with palazzo trousers with floral or geometric prints.
Another idea for a casual look can be wearing a tucked-in t-shirt with a soft cardigan and, possibly, a light leather jacket.


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